mushroom 的用法总结

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  • 音标:[ˈmʌʃrum]

  • 中文翻译

    1. n. 蘑菇 [mógu]
    2. n. 毒蘑菇 [dú mógu]
    3. v. 迅速发展 [xùnsù fāzhǎn]
    4. adj. 蘑菇的 [mógu de] (如蘑菇汤、蘑菇煎蛋、蘑菇披萨)
  • 英文释义:Mushrooms are plants with short stems and round tops. Some kinds of mushrooms are edible, while others can be poisonous. The term "mushroom" can also refer to the rapid growth or development of something.

  • 词根词源:The word "mushroom" comes from the Old French word "mousseron", which refers to the fungus.

  • 助记:Think of a "room" full of "mushy" plants, which are mushrooms.

  • 例句

    1. Heat two tablespoons of oil in a wok and add the mushrooms.
      • 热锅加两大勺油,然后放入蘑菇。
    2. As small an amount as half a mushroom can be fatal.
      • 少量如半个蘑菇都可能是致命的。
    3. Trim the stalks from the mushrooms and set the caps aside.
      • 从蘑菇中去掉茎,然后把帽子放在一边。